This website exists primarily as a tribute to those writers who, through their talent and creativity, bring so much into our lives through their books — joy, happiness, fun, entertainment, education, insight, perspective … the list goes on. It is not intended to be a formal book review site, but to highlight only those books that we have read and feel strongly about, and would like to share our thoughts on them with others.

Anyone can contribute to this site. While there is no financial incentive to contribute — there are no ads, no ratings, no book promotions, etc. — the idea is to provide a forum for book lovers to candidly share what they think about the books they have read and learn what others think about a book they may have read or may be planning to read.

If you feel strongly about a book you have read, send us your thoughts and we will publish them here to share them with others. If you would like to contribute regularly, let us know and we will add your name as a contributor.